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Web Summit 2013 Dublin

Just hours away from Web Summit 2013 in Dublin, what appears to be the biggest business event in Ireland and I am very excited to be sharing the stages with:

  1. Elon Musk (Co-Founder & CEO, Chairman of Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City)
  2. Tony Hawk (Founder of Tony Hawk Foundation)
  3. Padmasree Warrior (CTSO of Cisco)
  4. Drew Houston (Co-Founder & CEO of Dropbox)
  5. Phil Libin (CEO of Evernote)
  6. Niklas Zennström (CEO & Founding Partner of Atomico Ventures)
  7. Dave McClure (Founding Partner of 500 Startups)
  8. Shane Smith (Founder & CEO of Vice)
  9. Gentry Underwood (Founder of Mailbox)
  10. Kevin Rose (Partner of Google Ventures)
  11. Ryan Holmes (Founder of Hootsuite)
  12. Matt Mullenweg (Founding Developer of WordPress)
  13. Jay Bregman (CEO & Founder of Hailo)
  14. Leonard Kleinrock (Professor of Computer Science of UCLA)
  15. Matthew Prince (Founder & CEO of Cloudflare)
  16. Tony Conrad (Founder & CEO of
  17. Tim Armstrong (CEO of AOL)
  18. Aaron Levie (Co-founder and CEO of Box)
  19. Mark Austin (Partner of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer)
  20. David Carr (Author of New York Times)
  21. Eugene Kaspersky (CEO & Co-Founder of Kaspersky Lab)
  22. Dwight Merriman (Founder of Gilt Groupe | MongoDB | Business Insider)
  23. Nelson Griggs (Senior VP of NASDAQ OMX)
  24. Adam Cheyer (Co-Founder, VP Engineering of Siri)
  25. Yves Behar (Chief Creative Officer of Jawbone)
  26. Lars Silberbauer Andersen (Global Director of Social Media of Lego)
  27. Mikkel Svane (Founder & CEO of Zendesk)
  28. Gary Swart (CEO of oDesk)
  29. Jessica Lessin (Editor of
  30. Jimmy Maymann (CEO of The Huffington Post)
  31. Michael Jackson (General Partner of Mangrove)
  32. Nicola Mendelsohn (VP EMEA of Facebook)
  33. Dylan Richard (Director for Engineering of Obama 4 America)
  34. John Considine (CTO of Verizon Terremark)
  35. Jordan Kretchmer (Founder & CEO of Livefyre)
  36. Jennifer Hyman (CEO & Co-Founder of Rent The Runway)
  37. Joshua Tanzer (Managing Director of Houlihan Lokey)
  38. Ben Rooney (Technology Editor of Wall Street Journal)
  39. Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO & Co-Founder of Vaynermedia)
  40. David Rowan (Editor of Wired)
  41. Robert Scoble (Startup Liaison of Rackspace)
  42. Cindy Gallop (Founder of MakeLoveNotPorn)
  43. Michelle You (Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Songkick)
  44. Scott Belsky (Vice President of Product/Community of Adobe)
  45. Shervin Pishevar (Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Sherpa Ventures)
  46. Rina Onur (Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Peak Games)
  47. Debbie Weinstein (VP Global Media of Unilever)
  48. Justin Cooke (Founder of innovate7)
  49. John O’Donovan (CTO of Financial Times)
  50. Mark Suster (General Partner of Upfront Ventures)
  51. Tony Fadell (Founder & CEO of Nest)
  52. Michael Buckwald (Founder of Leap Motion)
  53. Tom Gonser (Founder of Docusign)
  54. Peter Arvai (Founder & CEO of Prezi)
  55. Neil Capel (Founder & CEO of Sailthru)
  56. Baratunde Thurston (Founder of Cultivated Wit)
  57. Oisin Hanrahan (Founder of Handybook)
  58. Chad Fowler (CTO of 6Wunderkinder)
  59. Jon Oringer (Founder & CEO of Shutterstock)
  60. Erik Lammerding (Co-founder of N3TWORK)
  61. Michael Acton Smith (Founder of MindCandy)
  62. Patrick Collison (Founder of Stripe)
  63. Mike Evans (Founder of GrubHub)
  64. Daniel Heaf (Chief Digital Officer of BBC Worldwide)
  65. Ben Huh (Founder of Cheezburger)
  66. Chris Cunningham (Founder of Appssavvy)
  67. Saul Klein (Investor of Index Ventures)
  68. Kevin Colleran (Investor of General Catalyst Partners)
  69. Tim McKee (Executive Creative Director/Partner of CKSK)
  70. Billy Hawkes (Data Protection Commissioner of Data Protection Ireland)
  71. Jennifer Lawton (President of Makerbot)
  72. Ben Lerer (Founder & CEO of Thrillist Media Group)
  73. Stefan Weitz (Senior Director of Search of Microsoft)
  74. Shakil Khan (Head of Special Projects of Spotify)
  75. John Newton (Co-Founder & CTO of Alfresco)
  76. Scott Harrison (CEO of charity: water)
  77. Paul Lynch (CEO of Another9)
  78. Scott Painter (CEO of TrueCar)
  79. Ben Rattray (Founder & CEO of
  80. Greg Marsh (CEO and Co-Founder of Onefinestay)
  81. Roelant Prins (CCO of Adyen)
  82. Mark Read (CEO of WPP Digital)
  83. Múirne Laffan (Managing Director of RTE)
  84. Sam Lessin (Director of Product of Facebook)
  85. Cliff Moon (Founder & CTO of Boundary)
  86. Michael Lebowitz (CEO & Founder of Big Spaceship)
  87. Adam Singolda (Founder of Taboola)
  88. Pat Phelan (Founder of Trustev)
  89. Bernino Lind (COO of CloudSigma)
  90. Michael Dubin (Founder & CEO of Dollar Shave Club)
  91. Liam Casey (Founder & CEO of PCH)
  92. Eric Wahlforss (Founder & CTO of Soundcloud)
  93. JP Rangaswami (Chief Scientist of Salesforce)
  94. Shel Israel (Writer of Forbes)
  95. Sarah Lacy (Founder of Pando Daily)
  96. Phil Fernandez (CEO of Marketo)
  97. JC (Co-Founder of Movember)
  98. Bryan Meehan (Executive Chairman of Blue Bottle Coffee)
  99. B. Bonin Bough (VP Global Media & Consumer Engagememt of Mondelēz)
  100. Steve Jang (Founder & CEO of Schematic Labs)
  101. David Mytton (Founder & CEO of Server Density)
  102. Nick Halstead (Founder & CTO of Datasift)
  103. Anne Pascual (Design Director of IDEO)
  104. Richard Hollis (CEO of Risk Factory Ltd)
  105. John Engates (CTO of Rackspace)
  106. Kirk Wylie (Co-Founder & Chairman of OpenGamma)
  107. Pablo Vio (Creative Director of Jam3)
  108. Brad Garlinghouse (CEO of Hightail)
  109. Syd Lawrence (Developer Evangelist of Twilio)
  110. Johann Butting (Head of Operations & Online Sales of Dropbox)
  111. Ruediger Baumann (CEO of Zimory)
  112. Isaac Saldana (Co-Founder & President of SendGrid)
  113. Stephen Jenkins (Marketing Director, EMEA of Millenial Media)
  114. Tanya Cordrey (Chief Digital Officer of Guardian News & Media)
  115. Amit Avner (Founder & CEO of Taykey)
  116. Andy McLoughlin (Co-Founder of Huddle)
  117. Nathan Stoll (Founder & CEO of Luvocracy)
  118. Fred George (Co-Founder & Developer of Outpace Systems)
  119. Jennifer Schenker (Founder & Editor in Chief of Informilo)
  120. Hussein Fazal (CEO of AdParlor)
  121. Naveen Jain (CEO of Inome)
  122. Jordan Casey (Founder of TeachWare)
  123. James Maiocco (Director of Microsoft Ventures)
  124. Barak Regev (Head of Cloud Platform, EMEA of Google Enterprise)
  125. Barry Smyth (– of Insight)
  126. Lucas Von Cranach (Founder of The Football App)
  127. Stephen Moffatt (Cloud Computing Leader of IBM)
  128. Tony Lucas (Founder of Flexiant)
  129. Fridtjof Detzner (Co-Founder of Jimdo)
  130. Ray O’Farrell (Senior VP of R&D of VMware)
  131. PJ Hagerty (US East Team Lead of Engine Yard)
  132. David Coallier (Data Scientist of Engine Yard)
  133. Christian Beedgen (Co- Founder & CTO of Sumo Logic)
  134. Mark Milian (Technology Writer & Editor of Bloomberg)
  135. Jon Gifford (CSO of Loggly)
  136. Jan Rezab (Co-Founder & CEO of Socialbakers)
  137. Alex Shirazi (Founder of Phlint)
  138. Liam Ryan (Founder & CEO of GetHealth)
  139. Amer Mohammed (CEO of Healthy Heroes)
  140. Luigi Gamberdella (Vice President of Telecom Italia)
  141. David Coleman (Clinical Psychologist of
  142. Rich Archbold (Internet Systems Engineer of Facebook)
  143. Fabio Rosati (CEO of Elance)
  144. Joel Spolsky (CEO of Stack Exchange)
  145. Blair Levin (Senior Fellow of Aspen Institute)
  146. Anthony House (Head of European Public Policy Strategy Team of Google)
  147. Graham Cluley (Security expert, blogger & researcher of
  148. Ben Jones (CTO of AKQA)
  149. Johnny Ryan (CIO of The Irish Times)
  150. Slava Rubin (CEO & Co-Founder of Indiegogo)
  151. Richard Rodger (COO of
  152. Stan Chudnovski (VP Growth of PayPal)
  153. Gary O’Connor (‎Chief Architect, News, Sport and Knowledge of BBC)
  154. Philip Nolan (Partner of Mason Hayes & Curran)
  155. Simon Devonshire (Director of Wayra)
  156. Tim Moreton (Founder & CTO of Acunu)
  157. Stephen McIntyre (Managing Director, EMEA Online Sales & Twitter Ireland of Twitter)
  158. Yuri Misnik (Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture UK & Ireland of Amazon)
  159. Des Traynor (Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success of Intercom)
  160. Liz Bacelar (Founder of Decoded Fashion)
  161. José Neves (Founder & CEO of
  162. Frederic Court (General Partner of Advent Ventures)
  163. Jeremy Hitchcock (CEO of Dyn)
  164. Matt Black (Founder of Ninja Tune)
  165. Caspar Schlickum (Managing Director of Xaxis)
  166. Tim Campos (CIO of Facebook)
  167. Paul Young (Co-Founder & CEO of Cartoon Saloon)
  168. Cathal Gaffney (Co-Founder & CEO of Brown Bag Films)
  169. Howard Kingston (Co-Founder & CEO of Future Ad Labs)
  170. Devin Hunt (Partner of Founder Centric)
  171. Courtney Boyd Myers (Founder of
  172. Iain MacDonald (Co-Founder & CEO of SkillPages)
  173. Matt Brimer (Co-Founder of General Assembly)
  174. Dermot Williams (Co-Founder & CEO of Threatscape)
  175. Kat Borlongan (Co-Founder of Five by Five)
  176. Richard Stallman (President of Free Software Foundation)
  177. Matt Cynamon (Regional Director of General Assembly)
  178. Brad Burnham (Managing Partner of Union Square Ventures)
  179. Matt Brittin (VP Business and Operations NACE of Google)
  180. Oliver Loomes (Guinness Global Brand Director of Diageo)
  181. James Parton (Director of Europe of Twilio)
  182. Aiaz Kazi (Senior Vice President of Products & Innovation Platform Strategy and Adoption of SAP)
  183. Mark Austin (Partner of Freshfields)
  184. Ed Byrne (CEO of
  185. Lisa Vaughan (Manager, HPSU and Scaling Division of Enterprise Ireland)
  186. Laura Sydell (Digital Culture Correspondent of NPR)
  187. Amanda Jobbins (CMO of Sage)
  188. Eamon Leonard (VP Developers³ of Engine Yard)
  189. John Dillon (CEO of Engine Yard)
  190. Jonathan Dillon (Founder of ad2china)
  191. Shahzad Ahmed (Founder of Bytes for All)
  192. Adam Williams (UK & Benelux, MD of Spotify)
  193. Karlin Lillington (– of Irish Times)
  194. Jonas Birgersson (Founder of labs2)
  195. Claudia Gonzalez (Head of Marketing of Global Fund to fight AIDS)
  196. Marcus Rex (Founder of ownCloud)
  197. Sam de Brouwer (Founder of Scanadu)
  198. Wojtek Bogusz (Consultant of Front Line Defenders)
  199. Eamonn Forde (Music Writer of Music Ally, The Guardian)
  200. Andreea Wade (Founder of Brandalism)
  201. Brenda O’Connell (Founder of Coder Dojo Paris)
  202. Andrew Burton (President & CEO of Logentries)
  203. John Phelan (Business Consultant and Investment Advisor of Halcyon Business Solutions)
  204. Sam Shank (Co-Founder & CEO of HotelTonight)
  205. Brant McLean (Director of Brand Partnerships of Tumblr)
  206. Brian Mullins (Founder & CEO of DAQRI)
  207. Brett Meyers (Co-Founder & CEO of CurrencyFair)
  208. Ciaran O’Leary (Partner of Earlybird Venture Capital)
  209. Arnaud Bertrand (Founder of HouseTrip)
  210. Finian Murphy (Co-Founder of Agility)
  211. Jim Carroll (Writer of Irish Times)
  212. Blathnaid Healy (– of Agility)
  213. Paul Rowe (CEO of Educate Together)
  214. James Ball (Data Editor of The Guardian)
  215. NIklas Adalberth (Founder of Klarna)
  216. Ilicco Elia (Head of Mobile of LBi)
  217. Alexia Tsotsis (– of TechCrunch)
  218. Caroline Hyde (Business Correspondent of Bloomberg)
  219. Cathal Furey (Co-Founder & CEO of FanFootage)
  220. Ingrid Lunden (Writer & Editor of TechCrunch)
  221. Trevor Parsons (Co-Founder & CEO of Logentries)
  222. Dash Gopinath (CPO of Badoo)
  223. Adrian Weckler (Technology Editor of Irish Independent)
  224. Mic Wright (Editor-At-Large of The Kernel)
  225. Gavin Sheridan (Innovation Director of Storyful)
  226. Russell Acton (VP, EMEA of Pivotal)
  227. Mattias Ljungman (Partner of Atomico)
  228. Michele Polz (Patient Insights & Analytics of US Diabetes Patient-Centered Unit)
  229. Mark Little (Founder & CEO of Storyful)

and many more!

I plan to share the best Web Summit insights with my subscribers on a special online event, so if you haven’t done so already make sure you sign-up here.

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