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The 3 things you must never do in your 2014 marketing

Michael Jordan

I have completed the first few modules of Genesis Labs and have distilled the 3 things you must never do in your 2014 marketing if you sincerely want to increase your revenue.

John C. MaxwellClaim the value on your end

Most entrepreneurs and marketers, especially when it comes to digital products, claim outrageous values from their perspective.

Let me tell you this, whenever someone spends hundreds of thousands on an exotic car is not because the salesperson said it’s worth 10x that but because the customer believes it’s worth more than that.

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So what you want to do now is tune in to WiiFM (What’s In It For Me) and value your offer as your customers see it!

Michael JordanNot follow up

Guess what, you didn’t walk in the first try and you probably won’t sell too. I’m not trying to bring you down or anything, I just want to tell you try again, and again. Hey dude, it’s your goal, do you really want it or not?

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Now here’s the catch. Don’t follow up like a cold caller from the ’80s.

You want to continually find ways to increase the value of your offer and at the same time try (and optimize) different marketing messages and tactics.

Albert EinsteinMumble and then mumble some more

We are living in the “ATTENTION AGE”. The time people will give you to grab their interest (let alone trust) dwindles by the second. As Albert Einstein said:

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You want to be specific and concise with your message, your product or service and clearly distill the benefits followed by a compelling call-to-action (CTA).

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