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Is your Facebook Marketing Successful? Take the Test

Is your Facebook Marketing Successful? Take the Test

Rich Marketer, Poor Marketer

Don’t let the title fool you, this article is all about success in Facebook Marketing. The reason I twisted the title of Robert Kiyosaki’s best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad will be apparent very soon.

Rich Marketer, Poor Marketer

The history of Social Media Marketing in a heartbeat

  • In 2012 Social Medial Marketing is cool because few are doing it
  • In 2013 Social Media Marketing is a must because everyone is doing it
  • In 2014 Successful Social Media Marketing is a must because the stakes are high and the moment is brief!

ATTENTION! Business Owners and Marketers

The stakes are higher than ever before and the attention span of your target audience is squeezed down to the millisecond by avalanches of information.

Is your Facebook Marketing Successful?

Take the quick test:

  1. Do you use your Facebook page as an asset to create new customers and solidify your relationship with the existing ones?
  2. Do you create more sales from Facebook than the effort, time and money than you put into it?
  3. Do you see Facebook Ads as an investment rather than an expense?

You have successful Facebook Marketing only when all the above questions are “Yes“!

The secret to success in Facebook Marketing is hidden in the third question:

you want to see yourself as an investor rather than an entrepreneur or a marketer

Just like Robert Kiyosaki advises us to follow Rich Dad and move to the investor quadrant.

The numbers always tell the truth

Are you lost in the whirlpool of analytics, insights and metrics? At fooq digital we have one KPI that supersedes everything else, your profits!

Hence, we are not surprised that, according to Facebook, our Advertising Campaigns are on the top 1% in terms of effectiveness!

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