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GrExit vs GrExcel

What is GrExit

According to wiki, Grexit is a slang term introduced in 2012 in world business trading. It is a portmanteau combining the words Greek Euro Area exit, referring to the possibility that Greece could leave the Eurozone, and thus possibly readopt its old currency, the drachma.

What is GrExcel (and what not)

Grexit vs Grexcel

GrExcel is an empowering attitude towards life. More specifically:

  1. GrExcel has nothing to do with politics. GrExcel is focused on individuals determined to unleash their inner power!
  2. GrExcel has nothing to do with national borders. GrExcel does not promote Greece over any other nation. GrExcel promotes your true potential to yourself!
  3. GrExcel is here to remind Greeks who they really are, convincing them that expressing who they really are, is the best way to live and giving them simple, easy to use tools, to start embracing their virtues immediately!
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