fooq consciousness

I strongly believe that each and every single animate, inanimate or even immaterial substance in the Universe has its own unique consciousness. – Angelo Labrou, fooq founder & CEO

If fooq were articulate it would say “I am all about the fun, I embrace our infinite potential and enjoy quantum leaps”.

fooq identity

f = outrageous fun
oo = embracing infinite potential
q = quantum leaps

fooq rules of engagement

Every project we choose to engage satisfies these 3 prime rules (in order of significance):

  • fun – life is supposed to be fun and everyone who engages with fooq at any level will experience that
  • value – we must see clearly the value we bring to the customer with our proposed product or service
  • profits – since fooq is a business every project must leave a respectable financial remuneration on top of everything else

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