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101 Video Marketing Mistakes almost EVERY internet marketer makes

Let me ask you this, do you want to convey your message to as many people as possible with as much impact as possible? I know you, you are at because the answer is, emphatically, YES!

Well then, we’ve got some great news for your audience, Video Marketing to the rescue. No more reading avalanches of content, just watch this short clip and you get the message.

But is it really good news? As I am always saying to our customers, “Social Media is like a megaphone, you multiply what you express”.
Andy Jenkins, The “Video Boss”, had a brilliant idea, I will create a video within a video! Remember Leonard Di Caprio at Inception?

Don't make these video marketing mistakes!

Then, I will dig deep into the “subject” video and I will put all my video marketing magic into action and expose all those mistakes that will weaken your potential language of impact. Here goes:

101 Video Marketing Mistakes almost EVERY marketer makes

  1. Copyright issues like with music. Make sure all of your music is Royalty free.
  2. Audio mistakes like over-modulated audio. The signal is too intense, causing audio levels to be in the “red”.
  3. Message mistakes like not using a Cold Open. This is when you don’t immediately hook your viewer with the value of what they’re about to watch before doing fancy logos or musical opens.

Wait a second, I fell into my own trap. Why am I typing all this? You go watch the video, you know you want to 🙂

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